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BIOS Update for Supermicro X9SRi-F Board

Basically as a reminder for myself here are the steps to update the BIOS on a Supermicro X9SRiF board. The reason in my case was that I needed bitfurcation and that was not available in the v3.2 BIOS installed before.

  • Download ZIP file with new BIOS (v3.3 is the latest as of this writing and will likely stay, given how old the board is). The release notes are available here.
  • Use Rufus to create a USB stick that boots FreeDOS.
  • Extract the contents of the BIOS update ZIP file onto the USB stick.
  • Boot your X9SRi-F board off of the USB stick by pressing F11 to enter the boot menu at startup.
  • Run the update program with the command ami x9sri8.529
  • Wait patiently until the command prompt comes back.
  • Turn the machine off, wait at least 10 seconds, and turn it on again.
  • It will switch itself off once, during the first startup, so don’t get nervous.