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Picasso Exhibition at the Met

There is currently a great Picasso exhibition at the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in New York.

which shows hundreds of paintings, drawings etc. Apart from the sheer number, the really unique things is that one can grasp the vast variety of styles that Picasso employed through the different stages of his life. So whoever has a chance to visit the exhibition, should definitely do so. I was encouraged by a friend to go there and did so without any specific expectation. It was a great thing to do! And here a few of the things on display …

Day Trip to the River Rhine and Koblenz

Just shortly before Christmas I spent a day visiting the river {en:Rhine} that is pretty close to my place of residence. Nevertheless I had not been there before (shame on me). The wheather was not exactly great but on the other hand there were no tourists. I ended up in {en:Koblenz} at the famous {en:Deutsches Eck} (German Corner) where the {en:river Moselle} joins the Rhine. The pictures may seem a bit gloomy but that’s what the wheather was like. Nevertheless I greatly enjoyed things and will definitely come back in spring or summer …

Southern England: Boscastle in Cornwall

I have visited the beautiful village of Boscastle a couple of times. It is located in {en:Cornwall} in the South-West of England. You can do a lot of sightseeing in the area and the scenery is quite stunning.

The village is located near {en:Tintagel} castle that is attributed to {en:King Arthur}. Also, a few of the openings scenes of the film “Saving Grace” were shot near Boscastle.

Boscastle became known to the world when a MAJOR flooding occurred in August 2004 (BBC page with pictures). If you have seen the pictures it seems a miracle that nobody died in the event.