Hello and welcome to my website! I am your host, Christoph Jahn.

My professional background is on integration topics (formerly called EAI – Enterprise Application Integration). In addition to the conceptual side, I have been working with webMethods Integration Server since early 2002, especially on topics like DevOps, Configuration Management (I am the author of WxConfig), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and basically all aspects of automation. Also, I have considerable experience in performance tuning, high availability, and many aspects of infrastructure incl. networking and storage.

My current role is director of architecture and DevOps for the Global Presales Team. It is in several ways a continuation of my previous responsibility, which was director and technical lead for all digitization projects under the direction of the company’s CRO (Chief Revenue Officer). It involves interfacing with the business, making architectural decisions, as well as guiding the implementation of things like DevOps and especially Continuous Deployment.

Before that I managed a team of 9 presales engineers, spread across 4 locations. In addition to handling the daily business my focus was on sustainability. So I constantly challenged my guys to reflect how they could improve their work by creating reusable bits and pieces. Also, I worked with one person to move into a management position and he is very successful there now.

Prior to presales management I was an individual contributor in a senior presales position. My focus was on BPM and BAM for strategic customers on a worldwide basis. Apart from the functional aspects this especially covered things like architecture, performance and scalability, high availability and business continuity etc.

Before that I have spent a number of years in the consulting/professional services business with a focus on integration and BPM projects. In “my former lives” I was heavily involved with networking things (started with Novell NetWare 3.12), Linux (since 1995), storage and infrastructure in general.

This is my personal website. It represents solely my own views.