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Make Command for LaTeX

I have been a happy user of the typesetting system LaTeX for almost 20 years. For creating the actual output (be it a DVI, PostScript or PDF file) I have usually used some home-grown script in the past. But recently, when digging through the repository of available software for my Fedora 12 system, I came across something much better: latexmk.

Apart from the expected things, like automatically recognizing when e.g. BibTeX or makeindex need to be run, it also supports a continous mode. It then monitors all the files that make up your document. And whenever one of them changes, it automatically re-creates the document. When your previewer supports auto-refresh, you can instantly see the effect of your update without any manual interaction needed.

BibTeX Style natdin.bst for Fedora 12

Just having started with a new personal “project” I needed a good style for BibTeX. In the past (read ten years ago) I had used dinnat.bst which had good support for citing URLs (at the time that was rather unusual). This has been replaced by natdin.bst, which is not installed on Fedora 12. So here are the quick and dirty steps to install it:

The proper way would be to set up a hierarchy under /usr/local/share/texmf/bibtext/bst but I chose to not bother in this case. And ideally there would be an RPM…