Mac: Auto-Mounting Network Shares

Admittedly, on the Mac I have always been a pure end-user only. So it is no surprise that I had never looked at Automator, which in hindsight is a real pity. When searching for an easy way to automatically mount CIFS shares from my NAS, I came across a post on Stackoverflow that suggested Automator as one possible way.

I have followed the steps there (adding “Get Specified Servers” first and then “Connect to Servers”) and it works like a charm. The only difference is that I did not use AFP as protocol but SMB. But syntax basically stays the same, so I ended up with


What I did differently, though, was the method to invoke my Automator-based application. Instead of adding it to my login items, I chose to have it executed by ControlPlane, whenever the latter detected a connection to my local network. This way, whenever I open my MacBook it automatically re-connects.

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