Corona Virus: Priorities

Pretty much everything in life is about priorities. If someone tells you “I did not have time to do XYZ” it actually means that XYZ was not high enough on their list of priorities. Setting priorities is critical whenever there are limited resources to allocate, or conflicting goals to balance. And naturally this becomes much more important under circumstances like we have them now with the fast-spreading Corona virus.

What I find irritating is how often the “comfort” of people seems to play a role in discussions these days. Because it is nothing more than loss of comfort, if people cannot leave their home whenever they like. Instead, the wording in such discussions is often along the lines of “people cannot endure such ‘isolation’ for an extended period of time”. Really?

My grandparents  fled their home at the end of World War II on foot with a small child and nothing more than they could carry. And today we have so many people living in a war zone, who experience things that I don’t even want to think about. That is endurance!

So where is the problem if someone needs to stay at home in order to help save lifes? Are we so selfish a society that my pleasure is worth someone else’s health or even life? Because that is what the decision to stay at home or not is about at the end of the day.

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