Cause and Effect

As per “Google Cloud Application Modernization Program: Get to the future faster” (citing DevOps Research and Assessment) “teams that ship code numerous times per day are 1.53 times more likely to achieve or exceed their commercial goals, including profitability, and market share.” What many people will make out of this is that it should be  sufficient to increase the release rate to be successful.

A similar study (I cannot remember the source right now) shows that people who use Firefox as their web browser have a better career. And I guess there are many more comparable “findings” that you can come across. Unfortunately they are somewhere between misleading and completely wrong.

The problem is that such statements often present two things as cause and effect. But in reality those two things are “only” correlated. So both the high deployment rate and commercial success are effects of the same cause. And that cause is that these teams have experienced people who really know what they are doing.

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