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My Favourite Game on the C-64

Many questions in life are not so easy to answer. However, when it comes to what my favourite game was on the C-64, it is different. There is only one answer possible and those who know me long enough know it:

The Great Giana Sisters

You can probably find the game these days on the various archives for emulators (there was also a version for the Commodore Amiga by the way). And some really crazy guys developed a Flash version. The controls are a bit sluggish, but the idea is really cool nevertheless!!!

The History of Commodore

If you spent your teen years in the middle to late 1980s chances are you owned a {en:Commodore 64} home computer (or a C-128 as I did). For those of us that want to re-live these years there is now a chance.

On the Edge: the Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore by Brian Bagnall

This book gives a comprehensive description from the early days (when Commodore was mainly in the business of electronic calculators) to the very end. It contains a huge amount of details and you must probably be a bit crazy to read it. Nevertheless I rather enjoyed it and even bought myself a used C-64 while reading it.