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Transfer of Website Finished

After a bit more than a week the transfer of my web pages to a new hosting provider is finished. The timing was, thanks to Murphy, not optimal since I got the notifications for most domains while waiting in a plane. The latter took almost five hours, thanks to difficulties when landing on La Palma. So instead of 4.5 hours, the flight took almost 12 hours. More details on how the airline really screwed up, may come in another post.

Changing the Web Hosting Company

After many years I have decided to move my web sites to a different web hosting company. While I am happy with the service provided in the past, the commercial side of things was not so bright. And even when I canceled the automatic renewal of a domain registration, the special offer I immediately got was not exciting.

Which is why I finally started the move this weekend. I have a plan to make the cut-over as smooth as possible, but there is a small chance of temporary interruption.